Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i saw it; go see it

my son is the leader of a student organization at UT for comics fans. therefore, i saw iron man last night for free, along with a few hundred other people who through various connections saw the sneak preview.

it was wonderful.

robert downey jr is brilliant; jon favreau's direction is balanced and funny and serious and he handles the character development and the action equally well; it's just a badass and yet also intelligent film.

we could have a discussion about whether popcorn movies have any real value - i mean, it's not necessarily true that diversion is all that good for us, in my opinion, especially diversion that just plugs us into more electronics -
but to hell with that. just go see it. you'll thank me.


Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

How is your son in college? Seriously, this is freaking me out. You mean he's not 8 years old, anymore?

Rick Diamond said...

yeah, tell me about it, right? weird.

happytheman said...

You know anything with Robert Downey, man I hope he stays clean. He would be a good addition to Journey you know.

Rick Diamond said...


nonprofitprophet said...

Iron Man. I used to get told by the holy rollers in high school i was going to hell for listening to Ozzy Osbourne... now its bumper music for movies and commercials. And if that's all it takes for going to hell, i got a whole lotta stuff better than that which'll get me there... ~npp