Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Re: Jesus loves you

okay, this is wonderful. it's short. you'll thank me.


Anonymous said...

If the kingdom of heaven is right here right now and some get it and some don't get it, isn't it possible that hell is right here and right now? And if Jesus or God or whatever can't or is not going to make us all be in the kingdom of heaven, isn't it the same thing if Jesus or God or whatever can't or is not going to keep us from being in hell? And the question is why would Jesus or God or whatever, who stands for love, allow anyone to be in hell? So, maybe there is no Jesus, God or whatever and we are making the whole thing up. Or maybe Jesus, God or whatever can't ultimately determine our fate because of free will, in which case it probably means, if our choices are truly to make any difference, there has to be hell resulting from some choices, in order for their a heaven for other choices. Or maybe there is no hell at all and, like in the case of the forbidden fruit, God is misspeaking about consequences of bad choices. And then the problem of hell happening to good people because of choices of the others?

This is rambling, but the point is my experience tells me there is hell, which I don't understand if God is love, but that's not all I don't understand. And I don't think it makes it any different just to pretend it doesn't exist.

JAC said...

ha -- i watched this yesterday, but i just watched it again & it's even better. p.s. jesus is his own dad.

Chiron' said...




Chiron' said...

MAYbe, the bit about "The Secret" is also the bit about "Heaven on Earth", which is also the bit about "karma".

If this is true, then after we consolidate ALL of the data from those topics it paints a rather different picture of life on earth than what we have traditionally perceived to be true.

MAYbe, the best way to deal with all of these possibilities is to simply do what we are already trying to do? To live in an ethical and morally correct way, to give anything and everything we can WHEN we can, (and not feel bad when we cannot give) Adopt a system of God-like values and treat each and every human being on the planet like they were the reincarnation of Jesus. (This type of treatment acknowledges the bit of the Divine in all of us, and when accessed, allows THAT person to recognize it within themselves).

MAYbe...that's what it really means to "Don't HAPPY".

Live for, in, on, and TO : LOVE.

Just a thought.


Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

I really loved this. Top notch. Thanks for sharing.