Monday, April 7, 2008

that now was all i had

a friend shared a song with me by an artist named dan bern. oh my lord. what an amazing song - it's called "god said no." i won't attempt to tell the story of, or have you get a feeling for, the song, because it's too beautiful, (although, here are the lyrics). but the point, for me, is this section, in which god answers the speaker's request to go back in time and fix what went wrong:

God said, "Time,
Time belongs to me;
Time's my secret weapon,
My final advantage."
God turned away
From the edge of town.
I knew I was beaten
And that now was all I had.
God said no.

that line ... "now was all i had."

that, for me, is a huge, powerful truth. when i stop running yesterday in my head, or the tomorrow that absolutely will not happen (it never does - not in the way i imagine it), i am free to breathe and be still. for me, that isn't about being beaten.
but the speaker's plan is beaten. he wants to fix it. god says No. figure out your own story - everything will be different if you do that.


Anonymous said...

Great post.

Have you read *The Sparrow* by Maria Doria Russell?

A great book about man's ideas and God's plan...

Happy Spring!

Rick Diamond said...

i haven't read it but it sounds COOL!!!

Anonymous said...

“Christianity stretches back through the ages, but in essence it exists only at one time: right now.”

Yann Martel (2002), Life of Pi