Wednesday, April 23, 2008

this is feeling more and more like a clusterfuck but i guess now that i look at it, it's really about the democratic party isn't it.

first, the whole american "win vs lose" model is ridiculous. it's not about who won texas, or california, or kansas - is it? - it's about delegates and overall votes. but in our simplistic way of seeing things, and in the way data are fed to us spun for us dropped into us projected over us, i guess it is all about who wins or loses. so, if we fall for it, i guess we get the government we deserve.
second, is this whole fucking thing just about spin? is that it? is there such a thing as any reality about what happens in terms of decisions regarding who we are as a people? i don't get it. i'm so tired of hearing experts talk on tv. that's probably partly because i really have been interested for months in obama as a potentially different kind of politician; that gave me hope that some good things could happen to infuse the big fat system with a more healthy perspective. but i'm getting to the point where i'm just tired of the whole thing.
third, come on democratic party - get your shit together. this is ridiculous. is everybody just terrified of this woman and her connections and power? of course you are. and, is everybody so reluctant to take a chance on the young guy? you want to be sure you'll get the best return on your investment, so you're waiting to commit.
well, you're losing me along the way.
not that it matters, i suppose - and, honestly, i don't have money, i don't have power, i'm a guy in the trenches raising kids and tending to his marriage and job and friends and church. working on being more green. not spending wildly. volunteering. voting. helping out. consuming.
okay, spin me. sell me something sexy and exciting.


Anonymous said...

My advice: You need to turn the channel from the news to the NBA playoffs. By any measure, even if you don't like basketball, those games are more significant. First, the guys on the basketball court have enough money to buy or sell Hillary or Barach in an instant. They have the power, but they understand that the money is in the entertainment and not in political status. I understand them better and trust them more with my support. Second, the players have the good sense to do something they are really good at day after day, instead of talking about stuff in the tomorrow that they have no clue about. Third, judging by popular reaction, the playoffs are probably just as historically and culturally significant as anything that is going to happen in the primiaries (or in the main election for that matter). Finally, the basketball system is set up so that you win this year, but if your not good enough in how you perform next year, some other team takes over as the champion.

P.S. If you absolutely hate basketball, just turn on a movie. Most of the same stuff said above is applicable to actors and movies.

journeyingrick said...

i don't hate basketball; i just don't understand how it works. i was always tall and everyone expected that i played, but i have very little coordination, so that meant running, jumping, dribbling, and shooting baskets were all problematic. but i love movies!

good points all around ... yep. turn the damn thing off, yah?

nonprofitprophet said...

You have to remember that the "machine" both Republican and Democratic, picks the candidates, no matter the spin they put on their background. And for some reason the American public never supports a true outsider, an independant. I used to think people that said "politics corrupts" and that even if a nice, well intentioned person were elected, they would eventually buy into the system. I thought they were just being cynical.
People who are truely passionate, idealogues, get burned out by this process. It seems you have to sell your soul to some extent.
If you actually dare speak the truth, you will be labeled somehow: bigot, facist, radical, whatever. We Americans "say" we just want someone to do the right thing - then we buy into a system that doesn't allow that to happen. I guess we feel we have no choice in the issue.

Anonymous said...

can you say 'clusterfuck' on your blog? huh. i'm shocked! shocked, i say!!

hey sir, this election stuff is just a gaggle of blah, blah, blah. yes, as someone whose spent half his life around media realms, i can tell you that 'spin' matters. everything is spin ... hell, i could philosophize that life is 'spin' for some people. i can't tell where 'spin' ends and 'normal' begins sometimes. obama. hillary. mccain. worse than all those yay-hoos, they couldn't even do a rasslin' shoot promo right. democratic party? don't know them. that group lost their way a long time ago. republican party? same thing, bro. lost their way.

so kick back, relax, put in "Lawrence of Arabia" in wide-screen, unedited beauty, enjoy Peter O'Toole and become enraptured by a wonderful, glorious movie. or select your own viewing habit.

like i heard someone (not you, OK) say years ago, there are three things i'm not supposed to talk about: politics, religion and sex.

again, somewhere along in writing on my blog, i threw those ideas out the fucking door. i'm rambling now. time to go.

ciao babe ...

grace and peace,


Chiron' said...

I totally agree with you regarding the circus that is our political choices right now. There is only one thing to do. Scratch that. There are several ways we can bring things back to reality. I say go to a coffee shop and read poetry. Or, Read a good book. Or, get out the kite. Then there is always that flat bicycle tire looking at you with the sad puppy dog eyes. Swimming, there is swimming. BBQ needs to be fired up. How is that fishing pole looking? Maybe we should have a late night drumming circle at Journey. Espresso and Drumz lol.

What about painting? Drawing? Gymnastics?

You get the idea.



Anonymous said...

yeah they lost me too. obama was exciting, like a kool car or a nice plate of food, but much like those things, he's been over consumed and my hope in him has been diluted.

KellyLawson22 said...

I agree with your NBA friend, there. Definitely a more worthwhile way to spend your time. I love the NBA playoffs. My second favorite time of the year. I'm not sure what my FAVORITE time of the year is, but surely it can't be the NBA Playoffs, right?

In other news, I'm tired of hearing about all of this junk, too. Who isn't? One of the candidates does indeed scare me (take a guess at which one)-- one seemed promising, but now appears to be just sort of a political rockstar. And the other? Not worth considering. So... I don't know. Maybe Candidate A just scares me because everyone on the news has told me I should be scared. Maybe Candidate B seems like a political rockstar because I've been told to think that.

Oh, no. You've got my head spinning.

Good luck.