Monday, May 5, 2008

a blessing and a curse

here's the problem, for me, with having a bad cold.
yes, i can barely breathe - but that's not the worst part;
yes, i have body aches and am exhausted - but that's not the worst part;
yes, i feel like crap in general - but that's not the worst part;
yes, all i want to do is just pull the covers over my head and sleep - but that's not the worst part;

the worst part is: i really, really like my life - being a dad, being a husband, being a pastor, writing, hanging out in my home office aka man-cave, working in the yard, laughing with great friends, being a part of a wonderful faith community, living in austin texas.
having a bad cold means i'm missing out on a lot of that. this is bad cold day 3. ugh.
and, yeah, yeah, yeah, all the things on the above list are still true about my life and i'm grateful, i know - i'm just tired of lying here. my life is too great not to be participating in it.


Chiron' said...

Take echinacia three times a day with 20oz water each time. Then, Begin watching the FarScape collection front to back while eating hot nachos and slugging down chocolate ovaltine.
Take 1000mg vit C and drink hot spice tea.
Oh, and don't forget to do the pushups between episodes. : )

Feel better

Love Chiron'

Joe Rutland said...

Yeah buddy, all that snot and boogers and stuff ... not a pretty sight.

Kinda like ol' Bill The Cat might say ... "Ack! Pfftt!!"

And all that Kleenex you get to use ... yahoo!!

Yet you have a great reason to play hookey for a little while. Of course, you can catch up on all that cable TV stuff.

Worst part for me when I have a cough? My Vegas act goes into the tank. "Beyond The Sea," "Mack The Knife," "Lazy River" and "Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody" have to be knocked out of the set. It sucks. Really, dude.

I'm just trying to shine a little sunshine on ya, bro. ;-)

Your presence was felt Sunday.

Your body is talking to you.

Rest, my son, rest. Take care of you.

If not now, when.

Now is the place. This is the time.

Let God hold you in His arms for awhile, OK? It's all good.

And yes ... I was trying to cheer you up above with some of my B.S. I hope it helped and I'm looking forward to my third-semester grades, too!!!!

love ya ...

grace and peace,


Rick Diamond said...

RIGHT ON BROSEPH! i did what was difficult to do and filled me with anxiety but was the right thing to do - rest ...

Anonymous said...

Dude, the outside world missed you too!

Me, D Downing, and little Steven D celebrated our concurrent B-days Saturday. It was funny. We watched the comedy show tape. It looks pretty good on tape.

Rick Diamond said...


i'm afraid to watch the tape ... :-)