Thursday, May 22, 2008

yeah, i know - i sound like a pain in the ass

i love americans. we're a giving, hopeful, ambitious culture and we want good things to happen.
we also have been brainwashed to care about shit that doesn't matter.
in china, because of a devastating earthquake on may 15, 51,000 people in china are dead; 30,000 are missing; 300,000 are injured; 4,000 children have been orphaned.
there were 97 million votes cast for last night's american idol finale.
guess which event most people in our country will be talking about this morning.


Joe Rutland said...

Hmmm ... for some of us, you speak of a strange thing. What is this "American Idol" you speak of?

Is it oil?

Is it religion?

Is it booze-sex-drugs-rock-n-roll?

Ohhhh ... silly me. I get it now. Of course I KNOW what you mean by "American Idol."

George W. Bush

Silly me ... now that I've solved that riddle, I must go along with my life because -- after all -- it is all about me. ;-)

grace and peace,


DM said...

kill your television

nonprofitprophet said...

That's because that stuff in china and burma and other places is depressing. Who wants to set around and talk about that at the coffee table? Of course, we could always incorporate the two by talking about how much money American Idol raised for such places through their "Idol Gives Back" thing. That way, you have your cake and eat it too. Your optimistic friend, ~npp

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Too busy playing "Grand Theft Auto."

paraheadache said...

No, you sound like someone who is actually in touch with the world, and someone who cares about people, and not the glitzy, stuff-driven world we wrap ourselves in much of the time. If every one of those people who voted for American Idol gave $1 to the relief efforts, think of how much good could be done. If they gave $1 to help feed the hungry, or provide shelter for abused and neglected women and children, or provide medical care for the homeless...

But, as of late I have observed our society falling deeper into "stuff"... We're the frogs in the pot, and the water is beginning to boil... Most folks haven't even noticed...

Anonymous said...

The last count I heard today on NPR was 80,000 deaths in the China earthquake. Check out the link below, hopefully it will work, on the tragic crisis in Burma. There's some interesting perspectives from your average everyday Americans in it. Some may even be considered insightful. The first step for Americans is to start getting informed and get our heads out of the sand along with our "I'm too busy to care mentality".

Chiron' said...


Personally, I think the FIRST order of bizness is to educate the entire world of one simple concept.

There IS NO "them".

It's all US.


nonprofitprophet said...

amen Chiron' - well said. ~npp

JAC said...

feel you dawg