Tuesday, June 3, 2008

morning dear

i like mornings. it's not that i don't like afternoons, or evenings, or nighttime, but i'm a morning person. i especially like getting up before sunrise.
my wife, on the other hand, likes to stay up late. she says she can think once everything else starts to wind down. that was much more the case when our kids were little and they went to bed at 8 or 9. now our daughter is 17 and i fall asleep way before she's done with homework. but my wife still likes to stay up late.
i admit, to my shame, that over the years, there have been a few times when we were talking about something important and i fell asleep.
but we morning people can't stay up late for too many nights in a row. if we sleep late in the mornings, we get cranky and frustrated. our systems don't work right.

waking up in the summer and the a/c has been going and it's cool in the house - as cool as it will be all day - that's the best. (today's high in austin: 98; heat index: 103). and then there's walking outside. there is a specific way things feel at 530 or 6 or 630 on a dry summer morning in texas. the air and i know that it'll be a lot hotter later today - but for now, it's 75 or so. a little breeze. i remember that sense of pre-hot morning when i was a kid, getting up on summer mornings, eating breakfast, watching cartoons, and running out the door to play before the sun got cooking. or the morning air before summer church camp or ymca camp or a vacation, packing the car. almost chilly, but not. it'll be hard to breathe later in the day - but not now. there's a little open space.

and in the mornings, there's no one around and you can (usually) start your to-do list later in the day and nobody's calling yet. i write in the mornings, think in the mornings, ramble around in my own head and heart.
plus, mornings are like beginnings. and i'm all for those.
i have a friend, noamie, who says that beginnings are delicate, and are to be treated with care and patience. that's what i feel in the early morning, the long shadows, the cooler air, the birds starting to make daytime noises (but not yet), the a/c still able to keep the house just right, the day still not-quite-decided-yet. care and patience. no rush. it'll get done, or not. for now, breathe.

oh - and the fishin's good in the mornings, too.

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Anonymous said...

Solidarity for the morning person! I usually wake up between 4-5 no matter what time I go to bed. The mornings are magical!!