Tuesday, July 15, 2008

no, no - i'm fine; why do you ask?

it's good to be back in austin. we got back just in time for the 4th birthday of journey i.f.c., and the annual picnic, and a great worship service, and a long but lovely day sunday. and i think i must just be exhausted. may was tough, june was much tougher, july moves between intense journey stuff and time away, and that feels weird. and now i'm back with it and that feels good. but obviously my subconscious is feeling a little unsettled:

last night i dreamed I was in a chaotic Old West style restaurant, it was massively noisy, then Jackie Kennedy had passed away and she still had her clothes on from 1963, and she's like a big doll, only it's her, but it's not gross, she still looks like she did. And I was arranging her in a big cardboard box, and trying to repack her correctly, as her packaging had been when we opened the box, and I wasn’t sure how to put it back together, and I was hoping it was at least close, and the radio was playing about her being a Roman Catholic president's wife, and I thought, was she Catholic, or did she convert? In the dream I'm remembering seeing her eat supper with her family - did she cross herself at the end of the blessing?
Meanwhile I'm in charge of a group of children and family members around this table in this Old West style restaurant and I cannot read the menu for shit, and then I can't read the check for shit - it's scribbled on, and circled in red dry-erase marker, and the numbers aren’t clear, and meanwhile kids are running around, and the waitress has wandered off, and then I'm outside the restaurant,
and now I'm riding backwards in a wagon, and I'm IN a Western, and it's nighttime, and John Wayne is driving, and some guy is singing, and we're looking for a place to stay, or food, or something or other. it's dark. it's dry. it's bumpy. it's not bad ... just ... backwards ...
then there's an observatory across a valley from austin. and i'm with a man i know and am sort-of friends with but who is also weird and irritating (i don't know, now and awake, if this is anyone specific), and we're moving up the hill toward the observatory, and i say how beautiful austin is, and there are rocks and bumps and the road's no good and it's dark.
Then I'm in a comic book shop, which it turns out is next to the Old West restaurant (but impossibly hard to find a place to park for - which as I remember now was also true of the restaurant) and I want a couple of graphic novel/comic books that look GREAT ... even though I'm not sure what the stories are, because my son is the one who knows comics and continuity - and then I look at the books and there are almost no words, so I'm fucked because now I REALLY don’t know what's happening with them. Plus they're expensive. So I'm depressed.
And driving in and out of the parking lot, it turns out, was impossible too. so, i'm not sure how to get anywhere. but i'm working on it. pulling into a spot, then backing out and making a loop around the far side.

That's pretty much it.

i think thursday night i'll go to the midnight show of The Dark Knight and feel better. because both The Batman and The Joker are crazy mofos, and my stress-dream is NOTHING compared to theirs ...


KJ said...

ok...go take your meds. That's weird.


Chiron' said...

"Same as it Ever, was"

Anonymous said...

I believe that this dream was about CAR TROUBLE--- You would break down in front of Tigermart- wouldn't know how to fix it--- and you would be racing to meet YOUR tow truck BEFORE the TIGERmart's tow truck got there... Yep I am pretty sure that is what your dream means!

Rick Diamond said...

for those of you who don't know, the diamond man truck was inoperational this morning and was at a tiger mart ... and a lovely friend called who just HAPPENED by the grace of god to walk in and get coffee at the exact moment when the tigermart people were about to have the diamond man truck towed ... and i was on my way to have my towing service send it to dan the man at foundation auto ... which wouldn't've happened had my sweet friend not been sent by god ... HA HA HA HAAAAAAA!!!

Chiron' said...

"and you may say to yourself, "well? HOW DID I GET HERE?!"

"And you may ask yourself
How do I work this?
And you may ask yourself
Where is that large automobile? "

Rick Diamond said...


i'm going to put a picture of david byrne in that video on the wall of my man cave and remind myself just to let the days go by ... let the days go by ... same as it ever was ...