Monday, August 18, 2008

backing into the right thing to do

a good friend and i were sitting at the warehouse the other day, talking about journey stuff and life stuff and faith stuff. he was talking about what he's learning, and i talked about what i'm learning, and both of us are in a place in our lives where it's not about theory - it's real. what we're learning is happening, to us, and through us in relationship to the world around us. our choices matter. what we contribute matters. and ... sometimes our decisions turn out well and we're all growing and happy, yay, and sometimes none of that happens.
this man and i were chewing on this sort of thing the other day, and, at the end of a story about a relationship that's complicated and potentially really beautiful and healthy, he said, after a pause ...
"I might have backed into the right thing to do."
after i stopped laughing it hit me, That's all there is. walking in circles and then ending up where you need to be? that's fine. find an oasis that becomes a m*a*s*h unit that sends you back out to learn & serve more? even a direct step in from the front may not be anything like we expected. wandering around hoping? yes.
all there is, is just backing into the right thing to do. even if you're michael phelps and you are focused on the goal that's ahead of you and never waver. surely some of what he has used to make himself the greatest olympian, was in some way due to experiments that went wrong or learning the hard way. that's my experience: you can't get there til you get there, and til then, here's to looking for the right thing to do, and getting there however we can.

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