Friday, August 29, 2008

he would be very, very excited. very proud.

i am tired of small politics - or, as senator obama said last night, those who make big elections about small things.
i am ready for what i believe - i really do hope - will be a substantive, intelligent, well-matched presidential election season.
i believe that both obama and mccain are good, decent men who are deeply committed to doing the right thing.
i believe that they respect each other.
i look forward to our two major political parties attempting to raise the level of what they're willing to deliver.
i love that obama and mccain have both been so honoring to one another, even though they disagree and are in competition with each other.
i will be more earnest in my praying for each man every day. this is a hard job.

last night was historic, whether you like obama or not. last night was a major milestone - no, not just a place to put a bookmark - last night, barack obama became the first african-american candidate for president of the united states of america by one of the two major political parties.
last night my daughter said, as we were watching obama's acceptance speech, "i think dr. king would be very, very excited about this. very proud."
i agree. not just proud of obama. proud of all of us. for how willing we are to be present and not shrink back in fear. to stand up. to have hope. to be strong.


KJ said...

yep, yep, yep. i wrote about the same thing the other day. A cool day in history.

nonprofitprophet said...

He was very inspiring. Very big. It was a great speech. We have come along way since slavery, jim crow, equal rights, in a (compared to the rest of the world) relatively short time. We are a great nation. A nation of ideas and determination. I think, no matter the outcome, we will all be better off for it. ~npp