Tuesday, August 5, 2008

so the shack is getting up in people's shit and that's wonderful

here's an audio interview from an oregon public radio show.
paul young, aka william p. young, the author of the shack is interviewed, along with a heretical blogger and an off-road emergent pastor. the pastor talks about church stuff, and emerging models and theology, which is nice. not really the point, but nice. there's a comparative religion professor who is good too - and he argues that the pictures of god in the book are actually orthodox. go figure.
but paul young is the good stuff. he's so wise and patient and real and doesn't get all up in people's criticism - or praise - of his book. the book he originally wrote for his children. the book that's a huge seller without being part of a publishing machine. HA!
and they take some calls, which is interesting. one woman suggests that the book is really dangerous because it contradicts scripture completely and causes rebellion against the church. paul young is very gracious. yay. he's a journeyer, nooooooooooo doubt. one of the things he says is that even if people criticize the book, that's good, because the point is for people to be engaged in conversation about theology and life.
many important christians think the book is bad. that makes the shack a good thing, as far as i'm concerned. paul young mentioned that he's heard of non-christians giving the book to christian friends, recommending it to them ... he laughs ...
we also hear some of paul young's story, which is powerful too.
anyway, the interview's not short, so don't worry if you don't want to listen. but i listened while i did some paperwork and cleaning in the man-cave, and i found my brain and heart stirred up and my sense of my calling affirmed and strengthened.
go paul young!


Joe Rutland said...

Aww -- was the "mean widdle man" upsetting someone's view of SACRED SCRIPTURE? Oh My God. That's not to be tolerated. Nope. Uh-uh.

Yeah -- right. Mr. Young, welcome to the family. ;-)

Grace and peace -- Joe

P.S. -- God bless the Christian woman, too.

nonprofitprophet said...

I have heard some really great stuff about this book so far. Even from the establishment if you can believe. I am definitely going to read it. ~npp