Wednesday, September 10, 2008

as with anyone else

here's the thing that's hitting me, this week, as i think and feel through politics: no candidate is the devil, no candidate is evil, no candidate even wants bad things for america. and i need to breathe more deeply and chill.

barack obama, and john mccain, and joe biden, and sarah palin. independent candidates. green candidates. the campaign managers. the marketers. the powerful. the ad brokers. the pollsters. the talking heads on tv.
they're all god's children. every single one of 'em. they are each, and all, the absolute beloved of the god of the universe, that thing that goes beyond anything i can imagine.

who are we to dislike a candidate personally? i don't actually know any of these men or women. and if i did, i'd feel compassion for and hope for each of them. as with anyone else.

i want this presidential election to be carried out in the next two months with grace, and with clarity, and for our candidates to embody the best of what our country is. i fear that i may not get that want. but i am putting it out there. and i am going to walk and talk in the manner of love and respect, and i will expect that other people will do the same. when they don't, they're not bringing what will help the greater good happen.

what if someone is choosing something that i believe is wrong? then i have the responsibility to speak into that situation, through words and actions. but with love, and humility. which can only come from strength.
what if it's really, really wrong? like a bad war? like hitler? like stalin? like global hunger? like racial hatred? i have the responsibility to speak into those situtations, through words and actitons. but with love, and humility. which can only come from strength.


Chiron' said...

The Native Americans used to have a way of describing the invading strangers. They didn't abuse them, they just referred to themselves as "human", and didn't extend that definition to include the invaders as a whole.

In the movie "Dune" the story by Frank Herbert, the Witch responds to Paul's inquiry about savage behavior when he becomes indignant of her judgment. He asks if she is suggesting that Duke Leto's son is a savage. She tells him, "I suggest that you may be human".

I think it's important to realize that being born into this world does not by itself lay claim to the title of being human. If we have any degree of self respect as a self aware organism, we have to make some type of value judgment about ethics and morals regarding what IS proper "human behavior". To do so is to establish a bar that we can all reach for in our endeavor to evolve. Granted, all of God's creatures deserve Gods love and protection, but it is up to us to determine what behavior is acceptable in our relations to ourselves and each other.

We used to call this, Class.

We should call this, being Human, and recognize that not all men and women ARE, Human.

Anonymous said...

It is hard for me to relate to the candidates. In the first place, I cannot imagine the thought process that would conclude with a desire for the job. When I do try to imagine it, concepts like "ego," "power trip," and even "mental illness" come to mind with "altruism," "leadership" and "service." I think it is very difficult to evaluate the particular balance of those elements in the candidates, especially given the expertise and efforts there are to "market" their better qualities. Moreover, we have to try also to evaluate how that balance might change under the severe pressures and stresses of the job. In the present situation, to me a most difficult analysis is comparing likelihood of effectiveness, with likelihood of positions on specific issues. That is, I might prefer a smooth, effective administration,even if the position on issues is different to some degree from my own values; all the time recognizing that effective administration for a bad cause is a nightmare (a la Hitler). So, the question of experience comes into play along with positions on specific issues.

nonprofitprophet said...

Rick. Totally agree with your post. I actually like each of the candidates this time. I am not voting against anyone. I am voting for certain issues that I feel are important to me and the country. Although I am not a Bush hater as some in the blog-0-sphere are, I am not infatuated with him either. I actually do feel that both candidates recognize certain issues that have been neglected for too long now, and whoever wins, at least those categories of issues will at least now be addressed. ~npp