Friday, September 5, 2008

jesus is my friend!

Jesus is my friend by "Sonseed"


DM said...

This is just so good. Scary. Intriguing. Where to start?

Glad you liked it, Rick.

"He's one that will never leave you flat!"

I guess that's like...slang. Edgy. Pushing the limit.

"Jesus is a FRIEND of MINE..."

The rhythmic anticipation of "mine" was probably musically unheard of in most churches: "Wow, that's so jazzy!"

I like how Jesus "taught him how to pray"...ok, fine..."and how to save my soul", cool, all pretty theologically sound so far..."he taught me how to praise my god and still play rock'n'roll"...wait, what? Is that scripturally accurate? Fuck...if Jesus gives shitty calypso bass guitar lessons, I want in.

Slightly off topic, but could we all please observe a moment of silence for the drummer's translucent orange plastic drum set? Thank you. Moving on.

Wait, no. The lead singer's crazy ass-paddle-spaceship-shaped bass guitar needs a quick mention. Moving on.

Damnit! Sorry. I just can't leave out the balding, spring-heeled "lead" guitar player, playing perhaps the only instrument in the band that could actually be considered cool in some obscure contexts: a fiery neon sunburst gibson les paul. Gibsons are undeniably cool, world famous for their thick, rich, fat, huge, kick-your-ass rock'n'roll tones. Which is why it is just so mind-blowing that this guy's "solo" or "feature" or whatever at approx. 1:30 sounds amazingly like a boingy jew's harp.

"ZAP!" Ok, this is where I *stopped* laughing.

Sometimes, there's a fine line between humor and terror, and for this fragile soul, that crossed it.

...Patiently waiting for the reunion tour...

journeyingrick said...

humor and terror. here's the really scary part: this was absolutely and totally important to this group of people. not only to play this song, but to make the statement that this is a legitimate way to praise god. i'm scared, okay?
and - gotta love the background singers! that's baaaaaadasssss!!!

delagarza said...

Somebody else showed me this before you, so while I'd like to blame you I really can't, but I CAN'T GET THIS FREAKING SONG OUTA MY HEAD! AAAAAAAGGGGH!