Monday, September 15, 2008

Randy Newman - A Few Words in Defense of Our Country

okay. let's just put the whole thing in perspective, a la the great and powerful and wise randy newman.


DM said...

holy. fucking. shit. man.
brace yourself.


"...and as for the brother...
...pluto's not a planet anymore either."

that is perhaps one of the single most beautiful things i've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, I don't think Americans have ever wanted to be an empire; in fact, we have spent a lot of lives and money fighting against empires and emperors. Nevertheless, we are what we are. With all our allegiancies to the "underdog", the "small businessman" and/or the "little guy," it is very hard for we Americans to realize that we are none of them. It is even harder to understand why the ones that are hate us -- hate us, the Wal-Marts of the world. It is my opinion that things will not change for the better until we recognize who we are and the changes that have come over us, no matter that we didn't ask for or even particularly want those changes. The most important thing to do to oppose oppression, is simply the task of not oppressing. There is no one to fight to protect people from the powerful, there is simply the question of not using our power thoughtlessly or hurtfully. There is no empire or emperer to rise up against, there is simply a question of avoiding the excesses of our wealth. I do not necessarily agree that the empire is over; I think may be important to stop living in denial and start being a steward of our leadership role.
In any event, Randy Newman absolutely kicks ass.