Thursday, October 9, 2008

change one thing, then ...

i've been experimenting with blog templates. i have no idea how to BUILD one from scratch; i've just been browsing around out there for templates that say they go with blogger. it's a crapshoot. i just felt like rearranging - i'm finishing my book proposal, it's fall (my favorite time of year), and it just felt like a fun thing to do.
however, like remodeling, you do one thing, then you realize there's about fifteen other things that need to be done too. there's no changing one element on your blog template - they all go together.
i tried to find a template that's all kinds of things all settled and lovely, and just plug my stuff in with the click of a mouse, but so far, no luck. so, i'm experimenting.

this of course is like the spiritual journey.

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