Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the great emergence is official now

the bible is translated into lol cats language.
this, like other translations of the bible - for instance, into tolkien's elvish, and star trek's vulcan - is as significant as luther translating the bible into german in the 1500s. seriously. this is another sign that we are living in the next great reformation of a new christianity which is emerging all around us and within us.
what was the property of the few scholars becomes accessible to everyone who wants it. it was the clergy; now it's the blogger and author and reader and conversation partner.
in the 1500s, the technological leap used was the printing press. now it's the internet.
in the 1500s, it was the rise of the middle class and what would become democracy; now it's globalism.
the reformers threw out the pope and the big church stuff (and then built their own); now, we meet in warehouses and coffee shops and living rooms and on laptops.

god is now "ceiling cat." ceiling is heaven.

let it be. it's all good.

ps, here are the beatitudes: (the happiest thing in the lol cat world is a cheezburgr)

Wen he seez lotz kittehz, he climbz tree. His BFz climbz tree too. He sez hai and he teaches teh kittehs, he sez:

Cheezburgrz 4 teh n00b kittehs, theys can has teh Ceiling.

Cheezburgrz 4 teh sad kittehs, theys can has petting.

Cheezburgrz 4 teh m33k kittehs, theys can has teh urfs.

Cheezburgrz 4 teh kittehs who sez "I can has gud, plz?", theys can has it.

Cheezburgrz 4 teh kittehs dat no pwns, Ceiling Cat no pwnz0rz thems.

Cheezburgrz 4 teh kittehs wiff purr in hartz, theys can sees Ceiling Cat.

Cheezburgrz 4 teh kittehs dat sez shhhhh!, Ceiling Cat is liek "u mai kittehs."

Cheezburgrz 4 teh kittehs dat gets pwned by otehrs fur haz gud, theys can has teh Ceiling too.
Cheezburgrz if otehrs be liek "DO NOT WANT" 2 u, an liez abt u, coz of meh. B teh happys n party, coz u can has cookiez n cakez in Ceiling. Iz liek wen theys been liek "DO NOT WANT" to all teh holee kittehs b4


nonprofitprophet said...

Get back on your meds dude. ;) ~npp

Chris said...

and just in case anyone feels the need to quickly translate other literary works into lolcat...