Thursday, October 23, 2008

growing up with the boys

the men of U2 and i are the same age. there is something powerful about shared cultural experience. gigantic shifts in what happens to a generation. there's identity there. a way to see. larry, adam, bono, and the edge have shared theirs as they've gone along, and a few zillion people have sung and danced to the music. but it's more than that for lots of us, and for me: these men are in lots of ways telling my story back to me.

our early 20's: we looked GREAT in the early 80s, when we were just getting up on our wobbly young-adult legs. christians. late 20's: we began to feel our power in the late 80s, and direct our passions toward meaningful things. still christians, but not so sweet.
but we were disillusioned in our 30s, and asked, something's wrong but what is it? and we sang about it. we realized it's a mystery - and a mixed bag at best.
we felt like just checking out at a few points. tired. laughing. but not. where's god now? whatever.
and then, in our 40s, our hearts woke back up. partly because of our pain. and we rediscovered joy. and there was god. but not a cute god - deeper than that. now, as we leave our 40's, we're more deeply passionate than we ever were - still pissed off, still hopeful, but breathing and not anxious. i would wonder what's next, but there's only this moment - and now that's fine.


Real Live Preacher said...

And doesn't that 20 years (20s to 40s) seem to have gone by unbelievably fast?

nonprofitprophet said...

nice layout rick. pics and words and meaning. ~npp