Monday, October 13, 2008

hammering thoughts into unity

I'm a little ... tired. I think August/September just wore me out. my daughter applying to UT was a huge amount of work. Lots of paperwork, applications, worrying over this and that, essays, etc. etc. etc. But it's worth it, because going to UT is her dream.
Start of school was also exhausting. So was start of ministry year at JIFC, officer elections, etc. And the worship unit JIFC is doing now is hard work; it takes great intention and attention and focus.
And, I'm working to finish my book proposal and I have this deep sense that the book is just wrong. but i'm wrestling it into submission. okay, that's not quite right - we're talking to each other. 2 years ago when i started it, it was about the same things McLaren and Phyllis Tickle and the emergents have written about since then: the world is changing, Christianity is changing, the former things are passing away, and that's a good thing. it was actually a rant at first. but in the 2 years i've been working on it, and we've all been building JIFC, i don't have the need to rant anymore. i'm not interested in reforming organized Christianity; it's irrelevant to where we live out on the frontier. that was the first part of the book anyway; the second part is the part i like, which is basically what we're about at JIFC theologically, philosophically - orthopraxy as well as orthodoxy, god is at work in all things, follow Jesus and shut up, etc. my theology? all jesus was talking about was/is love, god is love, the rest is bullshit.
every morning when i work on it i feel ... odd. partly afraid, partly stupid, partly "this is all old hat by now and you have nothing to say. it's all being said already."
but then, i remember that what we are doing and saying and living as journeyers is making a difference in the world, and that matters. and maybe it will help some folks out there.
so, pray for me at 6 a.m. each morning when i head to the man-cave and write and stare and scratch my head. pray that i don't sit there and sort itunes instead of, as yeats said, "hammering my thoughts into unity."


David said...

Rick D: I think that everyone who writes has the fear that what they are saying on paper has become old hat before the ink is dry. Let me reassure you in the best way I know how: testimonial. I have read Wrestling with God, and I have read your posts here. I have to tell you that I have encountered ideas in both places that I desperately needed to encounter. I have stumbled into your thoughts and found myself excited that you were thinking them--excited that someone could be wrestling as you do, and that it is okay with God....

So, I don't know if I am saying enough, really. But I certainly want to read more from you, and I think that we are all better off because you do what you do every day.

Joe Rutland said...

Yeah -- living out here on the frontier is tough at times. Kinda stretches the spirit and soul a lot. Finding that spiritual "splish-splash, I was takin' a bath" place (like I was NOT going to do a Bobby Darin reference for you? ;-) ) down South is near impossible. Yet I have my faith and that carries me through ... even when my own shit kicks up and I see it, my shadows, and I bow to them, say thank you (a little grumble here and there at times) -- yet I forge forth.

I believe you are doing the same, Revrick.


Grace and peace -- Joe

Rick Diamond said...

david - joe - thank you brothers.
it's 6:26 and i am up and at 'em. the encouragement means a lot. a LOT.
it's all good. seriously.

Anonymous said...


Good morning, one hard-writing Austin writer to another (altho. this particular writer happens to be in DC at the moment). There's room for lots of books on the shifts in Christian practice and belief, because as you know from your church work, people need the story they need. Your story will touch the right people--maybe not all the people, but the ones who need it.

Blessings on your work, and welcome to CC Blogs. I look forward to reading more, and thanks for what you're doing at Journey.

Rick Diamond said...

Greg - hard-writing Austin writer - thank you brother. you're right: there are many stories, and people do need the story they need.
i'm not concerned that my story has to touch a million people; i just want it to be helpful.
you're right. the folks who need it will find it. i'll put it out there.
thanks. big time thanks.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons you have to write is that we have enough assholes trying to hammer all our thoughts into unity (not that yeats was an asshole, but you get the point). We need someone to blow up unity so that we can deal with reality. I pray that you keep thinking of your pen as a stick of dynamite.

P.S. I think organization is ok for your iPod.

Chiron' said...

I think it's important to realize that what happens at Journey is pretty much the event horizon on the subject, and as any "Journey to the center of God" type voyage is documented, so also the twists and turns that show the path of where you were then to where you are now is both relevant and significant in showing the way to others who may originate in a space not unlike the place you were in when you began your book. (wow! now THAT was a run-on sentence! That's kinda FUN! {giggle}

Real Live Preacher said...

Feel ya dawg.

sorry, it just came out.

Writing. Yeah. I swear I wrote two short stories that I loved. Worked on them a few times each. I returned to them and HATED them. I thought, "My God, what if I had put them online?"

And if my vision of my own work can vary that much, how can I ever make a call. I bet your book is better than you felt on that day.