Wednesday, October 1, 2008

letting it go, following up

so, some friends gave me a cd/radio player for my truck since the old one won't play cd's anymore. i put off installing it for over a month, since i don't know shit about how to do it. then i got a little set of instructions, and got out the new stereo, and the diagram, and it took me 2 hours just to get the factory-installed stereo out of the dash, and then i looked in and saw the snarl of wires waiting to be coherently matched - and they didn't match the nice new wires sticking out of the back of the new stereo.
i tried connecting some things with the same colors and blew a few fuses on the truck. now my windows won't open. but the truck still runs.
so yesterday i downloaded some wiring diagrams online and tried again last night, this time armed with information about what wires coming from the truck are what. i got all the speakers correct. i think. maybe. but the power and ground and antenna?
to drive to and from the jifc warehouse every day with no radio? no cd playing? no nothing? no clock? i would say i'm totally fucked, but the whole thing's really funny.
that's how i know i'm starting to let go.
STARTING to, now, mind you.
(the guy at the car audio place said they'd be happy to install it for me for $75. i'm going to a. shop around for a better quote; b. replace the fuses and try again; c. laugh.)


David said...

I have had a blast installing stereos, myself--I cut the wires coming from the truck and had to follow a diagram, too. Here's the best part: for $10, you can pick up a harness at the auto parts store that will plug into the wires on the stereo and will fit the factory plugs under your dash. With no cutting, and no cursing! :o)

Is there any information, online or elsewhere, about the regimen from the ACMHR you mentioned that you are following? You hit what would likely be the toughest for me to follow with the "letting it go" post, but I'd love the chance to try and wrestle with the others.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to borrow my multimeter?

On DC systems, red/black are typically hot and common. I can't remember which is which? But with a multimeter, simply touch a wire and touch metal on the chassis and you will find out. Old school lick your fingers, touch chassis with one hand and end of wire with other, you'll find out which is hot.

nonprofitprophet said...

a. and c. Laugh while driving around to get a better quote. Dude, what did we talk about... lol. I'm laughing with you though. ~npp

Rick Diamond said...

David -
I got the little kit. It didn't work. I am bitter.
I don't know what the ACMHR is. am i out of it? did i use such an abbreviation?
cp - did it. shock! good times!
npp - got a better quote. 49 bucks and the guy will have it done in an hour and i get a written guarantee.
tomorrow. 1 p.m. life will be wonderful again.

yes, i'm laughing. sort of.

David said...

Sorry about the kit advice--never dreamed it wouldn't work. As for as the ACMHR thing goes, you are certainly not out of touch! I was being really lazy--didn't want to type "Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights." My original question has been answered thanks to your worship community website and the great notes posted there regarding each week's service. I wish I could drive to Austin for service each week!