Tuesday, November 4, 2008


barack obama has today been elected as the 44th president of the united states of america.
no matter whom we would have elected today, this would have been a time to pray, and be still, and listen, and pledge ourselves to what is best about america.

john mccain's speech is classy, and powerful, and the right thing to say. my daughter just said, as he's speaking, "that's the john mccain i've always respected." me too.

president-elect obama's speech was all about what i believe in: unity. possibility. reaching out past party lines and partisanship. service. honor. respect. hope.
that's my jesus. and that's my america. and that's my heart.

it's time to stop being red states and blue states, and be the united states.
it's time to stop being against each other, and for our country together.
i reach out to my brothers and sisters, and fellow citizens, of all faiths, all parties, all beliefs, all opinions.

i am ready to work.

this is important. this is a moment that we can't see the importance of yet, no matter what happens.
pray. be still. listen. serve with humility and hope.

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