Thursday, November 13, 2008

somehow this just feels like jesus stuff to me

i just saw this on my igoogle page, which carries short news blurbs:

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) -- This isn't music to anyone's ears: The restoration of a church's 130-year-old organ has been delayed because four delicate pipes were damaged when a visitor napped on them.

The 18-foot pipes were among about 50 stored in the basement at First Churches in Northampton during the sanctuary's renovation.

The Rev. Peter Ives estimates the damage at close to $15,000. But he says the organ can be played without the pipes. Ives says the church will not press charges.

The man apparently mistook the pipes for rolled-up rugs and slept on them. He is a homeless man who was in the church for a job counseling meeting.

The congregation traces its history to the 17th century, and was home to 18th century preacher Jonathan Edwards.

there's just something sweet and adorable about every part of this story as reported - especially that a homeless man is at the church building, and he's looking for a job, and he falls asleep on some rolled-up rugs, and they turn out to be church organ pipes, and ... the pastor says the organ can be played without the pipes, and they're not going to press charges. i dunno. most news stories about religion make me angry or depressed; this one just gives me a little hope.


Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

This is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

When I read the first paragraph I thought, "Oh crap. How are you going to embarrass yourselves now, church?"

But this is good.

David Henson said...

Yeah, the writer totally misses the grace in the story and frames the whole thing negatively. Thanks for cutting through the cynicism in your post!