Thursday, December 11, 2008

LET IT EFFIN' SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you haven't lived where it doesn't snow, i don't think you'll understand, but ... something so wonderful happened, that i'm still a little delirious:

it snowed in austin night before last.



it was ... transcendent. i felt my spirit go kind of loose.
i think i must have viking blood in me, or northern european encoding in my dna. when i'm in really cold, snowy weather, i feel the kind of joy that usually accompanies mystical epiphanies or christmas morning when you're six.
i'm serious.

the world i grew up in is not a place where it snows. and it's hot for about nine months, and oppressively hot for about four of those nine, and unbearably hot for around two of those four.
plus, from 5th grade til i graduated from high school, i lived in far south texas, which is flat and humid and a cross between the tropics and a desert. seriously.
and i wanted to live where it snowed. i dreamt of colorado. mountains. trees.
and then in december we'd sing "white christmas" and "winter wonderland" and "sleigh ride" and i felt as if i were LIVING A LIE. it was just wrong. i prayed for a white christmas. it never came.
i prayed that we'd move to the mountains. we never did.
tha's when i decided that there is no god.

but, i've collected little christmas figurines and toys my whole life, and every december i make little snow scenes with snowmen and santas and little houses and rudolph and elves, and i sprinkle it all with little fake snowflakes. it's my personal alternate reality / wished for utopia.

so, tuesday morning, the day started off in the 70s. at lunchtime a cold front came. by suppertime it was really cold. and about 1030 or 11 it started snowing.

AND IT'S NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in austin, we usually get a day or so of some sort of frozen precipitation in, say, february. mostly ice. everything shuts down, and we all play with the snow/ice/sleet, and it's good. but it's no winter wonderland. and on top of that, christmas songs are long gone.

so, this is as good as it gets.

for those of you who are in the northern parts of america and the world, i know y'all seem to feel about months of snow and cold the way i feel about months of heat. but ... dammit ... this is my moment.

by the way, the high sunday is going to be 72.


Tamara said...

I am so totally with you on this. It was freaking AWESOME. Ohhhhhh and you know what was even More Awesome???? We were actually watching ****Elf**** Tuesday night!!! I know!!! Could it have been any more perfect??? No. It couldn't.

"He loves snow. I know he loves snow. He's told me fifteen times."


Anonymous said...

Snow is great; originally coming from the great white north, I too think snow is beautiful. It is somehow pure and clean. UNlike rain that quickly mixes with the earth to create mud. Snow creates another world in which to exist. yes, it can be difficult. There's nothing like walking a mile to a college final in knee deep snow because roads are im-passable nor creating a monster snow fort with your kids.

Snow is good.

Anonymous said...

Snow in Texas in early December

I am so glad global warming is bringing one of the joys of Christmas to Texas.

Excuse me while I prep my sleigh for a tour in the valley.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, this reminds me of my childhood when we owned horses. They would get "frisky" when the temps had that first frosty bite in the late fall, early winter. I hope similarities between your giddyness and the horse's ends there. Otherwise you're skipping around Austin, kicking your legs, and passing gas loudly everytime you do it.

Rick Diamond said...

well ... um ... my favorite animal is horses ... we have a lot in common ... so ...

JAC said...

it really snowed in austin!?? i can't believe it! wow... i guess maybe i should cross my fingers or start praying hard to allah for snow in mauritania next year? ;)

Rick Diamond said...

JULES! who knows? stranger things, i am absolutely sure, have happened.

have a pair of skis ready!

btw, the high for tomorrow here is forecast to be 78. SEVENTY-EIGHT DEGREES THE SECOND WEEK IN JANUARY! THAT IS JUST NOT RIGHT!