Tuesday, December 30, 2008

is it me or

is christmas exhausting? i don't think it's christmas per se; i think it's the six weeks or so leading up to christmas. all the extra stuff we cram into our lives, pile onto our schedules, add to our to-do's, and make sure we get accomplished.
i love christmas. honestly. it's a celebration of winter and family and friendship and the christ child and gift-giving. it's wonderful. i love christmas music and christmas movies and christmas break.
and i'm glad it's over.

waylon jennings sang, back in the 70s, "are you sure hank done it this-a-way?"
i feel pretty sure jesus didn't want it done this-a-way. but then, jesus isn't in charge of christmas any more than god is in charge of christianity, so ...


nonprofitprophet said...

loved you last line. If i hear "Jesus is the Reason for the Season"... one more time. What a marketing ploy. Jesus is the reason - but not just for the season. I guess its catchy around expansive marketing times.

Rick Diamond said...

it's a way to market christmas as another way for christians who feel persecuted to have leverage as victims. there's lots of power in victimhood baby! work that thang!