Friday, January 16, 2009

love and hope

wednesday i drove to houston and back. i was asked to speak at a theology graduate program to some doctor of ministry students. i was part of a panel introducing information and perspectives about the emerging church.
i didn't prepare anything; i didn't want or need anything from them. does that make sense? i just rolled in and answered questions.
(it is a beautiful thing to be at that place in my life.)
anyway, the d.min. students in this program are, as pretty much all d.min. enrollees i know are, professionals in the field of organized religion. they are practitioners in the arts and sciences of church. they run churches, work for churches, do the best they can with what they have.
i felt absolute crushing, heavy, love-drenched compassion for them. i mean, it surprised me.
i suspect that's what god feels - as much as a spirit/force/ineffable presence-beyond-all-comprehension "feels."
yes. compassion and love. i just wanted to tell them all, "you're alright. even if you don't work for 'religion' all your life, you'll be alright. even if you DO work for 'religion' all your life, you'll be alright."
i just told them what we're experiencing as journeyers, and what i've learned from working within organized religion and outside organized religion, about myself and about following jesus. 
i loved 'em. i have no idea if anything i said made sense to them but i'm quite confident god had the whole thing figured out. it's an ongoing journey of discovery, after all. and there's no hurry. unless of course the denomination's district superintendent or whatever bureaucratic tool, is coming at you. and even then, there's no real hurry. just breathe. 

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