Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i know, i know, i'm grading doctoral dissertations and working on lots of stuff for journey and writing a book, but a brother's got to have a few minutes of sabbath. and i heard from judi that there was this website that would take a picture and make it look like the iconic picture of then-candidate obama created by shepard fairey -
well, paste magazine has created a webpage where you can upload a picture and it turns into an obamicon! i made the ones at the top, and here are a few i've found that i like -

you can go make your own obamicons here


happytheman said...

I can't tell who Make It Work is. Dude, you are so much the hip dog...

journeyingrick said...

it's all good - that man is Tim Gunn from Bravo's Project Runway. the man is a stud! anyway, that's his ongoing coaching to the designers: "make it work."

KellyLawson22 said...

Oh yes. I have wasted many hours making up obamicons of my own. so fun!

writeright007 said...

i thought that was Tim Gunn.. love that man too.
wish i could meet him, although he would feel the need to throw all of the contents of my, closet away. that i am sure of! except for my kitten heel shoes , my Iman silk caftan, my Iman shopping tote, and evening purse.
he would approve of those few items the rest... ???

i think he is a real gentleman.. i like how he is comfortable in his own skin.

nice to visit...its been a while! so your still rev. rick?... and grading disortations?
i guess someone has to do it :):)
just the thought of you grading papers makes me fearful when i look at my writing habits.