Wednesday, April 29, 2009

from the blog called Inhabitiato Dei

i really like what this very committed christian has to say.

Dave Horstkoetter has plunked up a disturbing YouTube video of a neocon hack opining that Christianity and torture are just all hunky dory with one another. No surprise there of course. What is surprising is the fact that the whole discussion over there has turned into a goofy little kerfuffle about whether or not it’s really “Christian” to denounce endorsing torture while…uttering the F-word.

Leave it to us Christians to make conversations like this.

However, in the interest of settling this debate once and for all, I have a syllogism for us. Given that nearly all Protestants and certainly all evangelicals affirm Luther’s theological genius, especially his famed “theology of the cross”, let’s start there. Thesis 21 of Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation states that “A theologian of glory calls evil good and good evil. A theologian of the cross calls the thing what it actually is.” I’m sure we can all agree on this point. Thus…

P1: Theologians of the cross ought to name things, events, and persons in accordance with what they actually are.

P2: Some things, events, and persons can only be truthfully described as fuckdragons and assclowns.

C: Ergo, the use of profanity is not only permissible, but essential for anyone who claims to be a theologian of the cross.


so, you've maybe heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? there are a zillion different personality inventories out there. body humors. four temperaments. DiSC. lion-beaver-otter-golden-retriever. and on and on and on. i am fascinated by, and convinced that it's important to understand, ways to understand human beings' personalities. if there are at least some general trends or observations that can help me get a handle on how someone works or what tendencies s/he will have in the way s/he communicates, or makes decisions, or processes emotions and experience? hell yes, i want to know.
my favorite quote related to my life's mission is from thomas jefferson:

"i have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the minds of men [and women]."

for me, when i become more self-aware, without judgment, with compassion, and i am therefore able to be more present not only to myself but to others, the universe is already more healed, more whole, and more able to create good and peace and courage. my work as a teacher is to awaken other people to awareness - about themselves, mostly, and also about the world around them. to the beauty within and around them - and to the systems, or institutions, or fears, or attitudes, or machines, or paradigms, or practices, that are designed as enemies of beauty and wholeness and healing.
so, if i can know more about myself and other people? hell yes, i want to know.

i'm an ENFP. finding this out was absolutely no shock to me whatsoever.

my wife is an INFJ. when she and i read the descriptions and data around INFJ personality types, it was fascinating to see how we both opened up to what we'd always known about her, but weren't sure how to put it into words, or see it in any objective sense. INFJ is a complex personality type. but she and i have been married 25 years this coming july - and we are still learning about each other, and how to be together in healthy and healing and creative ways that enrich ourselves and each other and the world around us.

the point for me is that learning about myself and other people gives me more ability to care about them, understand them, accept them. the same goes for my self-care, self-understanding, and self-acceptance. it's all about learning and seeing. awareness. and then there's even more ability to fight against anything that tyrannizes the minds of men and women. set 'em free.

it's funny - i just realized we did, for some months this Spring and during the season of Lent, a personality-typing experience together at journey ifc.

as our therapist janettee henderson says, it's all about awareness, acceptance, and then action.
here's to awareness.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Say Yes" Andrea Gibson

loving this. for real.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof

just watch it. because it will bring joy to your life.

Monday, April 13, 2009

holy holy holy

here are some images from the journey easter prayer vigil. two journeyers who went into the prayer space on their turn have chosen to share part of what they experienced.

don't hurry.



happy post-easter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

breaking the fast

i decided in december 08 that i would fast from buying clothing for the first three months of 09. it wasn't that big a deal - i don't buy many clothes, and never anything very fancy. but it helped me notice - which is what fasts are for.
i like to go by walmart or old navy and see if there's something on sale. i like to have a few extra pairs of blue jeans (since that's pretty much the only pants i wear). i like to have plenty of white socks (since that's pretty much the only socks i wear). i like to have plenty of boxers. i also like fun long-sleeved shirts to wear at journey worship gatherings. but i never buy anything very fancy, and never anything very expensive. so, again, it's not as if i fasted from, say, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. THAT would be difficult.
and yet it was fascinating to me for those three months to notice that i was doing something different with that energy, and attention, and time, and money, rather than buying clothes - albeit simple clothes.
i'm not even sure what i did instead. except that after a week or so of noticing that when i went to walmart, i didn't browse through the clothes or shoes, and i didn't go by old navy to look in their clearance section.
and i noticed how much i like the clothes i already have.
and i noticed that there were a lot of clothes that i don't like, and don't wear or don't wear very often, so i gave them away. without even minding for a moment.
this spring at journey we're doing something called "journey 2.0," in which we're all looking at how we follow jesus together as a faith community and as individuals. and giving up stuff is part of that process. i mean, seriously, we're the richest nation in the world - maybe in the history of the world, even with adjustment for inflation and cultural developments. do we really need all this shit we own? absolutely not.
it felt really, really good to let go. travel lighter. go easier.

and then it was over, and it was april 1. and it was time to buy some clothes. my wife said, "do you need to buy clothes? you haven't minded getting rid of clothes. are you sure you need to do this?"
i wasn't even interested in buying anything. i had no desire. but i believe it's important to break a fast. to celebrate the time i've spent in attending to that decision. and then to interrupt the pattern.
more attention.

i went to a store for some other errand. i walked around the men's clothes. i could've gone to the mall - to drive the point home to myself, because i hate going to the mall - but i decided to take a simple step. it was a store i was going to anyway. but i had it on my mind to buy something.
i bought a shirt. a short-sleeved shirt that would be good to have this summer. i didn't want to buy anything - but it was a good shirt, it was on sale, and it was a smart purchase.
i let it sit there on the chair in our bedroom for a day or two. showed it to my wife. looked at it.
it's just a shirt. but it meant something. attention. awareness. openness. letting go. pretty much all that's required for following jesus.

i now am going to be looking for some workboots with steel toes to replace the ones i've had forever, with torn-open toes that aren't as safe as they should be when i'm working outside or building stuff.
no hurry.