Thursday, May 21, 2009

why america chose kris allen over adam lambert, or, we're still a bunch of nice puritan pioneers

here's a quick note in the washington post's online news update this morning, regarding why kris allen won american idol over adam lambert. adam lambert, who is not like other human beings; he's at the level of the great gods of rock and blues, already, at least in terms of his power as a performer and arranger. adam lambert, who is really in some ways beyond american idol's level. adam lambert, who ... didn't win. or did he? because - he's now the guy who "didn't win and when he's successful it's going to be great vindication." and, he will rule the world, so that's good.
anyway, re the reason kris allen won and adam didn't? here's the quick blurb in the post, and i think there's something to this.

Headlines: Kris Allen is your new American Idol, having won in an upset over the flamboyant rockerdude Adam Lambert. Lambert was so good that when he and Allen sang "We Are the Champions" with QueenFreddie Mercury's enormous shoes. And Mercury was only one of the all-time greats among rock-and-roll frontmen. Allen, on the other hand, could maybe fill Jack Johnson's flip-flops. He's got that light, easygoing style, sort of like Jason Mraz, who was one of about a bajillion guests on the show. He did a duet with Keith Urban, who seems like a heavyweight next to Allen. Lambert did his duet with KISS and just killed it. So what happened? Allen had the cute thing going on, whereas Lambert had guyliner and black nail polish on. Allen, the pride of Conway, Ark., is married to somebody who looks a little bit like Reese Witherspoon. The L.A. dude Lambert is, you know -- flamboyant. Allen seems like the kind of guy who'd help your grandmother with her groceries. Lambert might scare the bejeez out of nana. Never discount the power of the senior vote! And maybe the music-loving GOP strategist Todd Harris was onto something when he said yesterday: "You've got these more liberal elites who live on each coast, represented by Adam, and then Kris represents what those on the coast refer to as the flyover states." Though, you know, that John Mayer-ish brand of breezy pop-rock plays on the coasts, too. America loves the mellow. Anyway, the look of disbelief on Allen's face in the photo above says it all; he's as shocked as the rest of us. Or maybe he's just reacting to Queen Latifah's bodysuit during her duet with Lil Rounds or, perhaps, Fergie's hooker get-up.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking would-be Adam fans don't watch AI. elainephill

AI Guilty PLeasure said...

I watched a lot of episodes of AI, yea I am a dork.

Adam was by far the consumate performer of the show. There was not much he could not do with a song. But, it always seemed like a performance. never once did I feel he was emotionally connected to the song he was singing. It all seemed like an act. I really can't see Adam doing anything but being teh best cover artist of all time but can he deliver anything that means something to him. Can he really share himself with his audience.

Allen on the other hand lacked the raw power and talent of an Adam or even the other finalists; but I always felt he connected with the music that made me feel like it meant something to him. He brought a human connection to the music and the audience.