Monday, July 6, 2009


one of the greatest websites ever is it fills me with so much joy and pain and beauty and compassion. people send in their secrets - whatever they choose - on postcards, anonymously. the coordinator/originator of the site, frank warren, then photographs/scans their messages and posts them on the site. people share little snippets of their souls, some of which are funny, and some of which are painful to read, and some of which are tiny moments of awareness that each woman or man is passing along.
many of them are things that "good christians" would never talk about. hence, my being not a good christian - because as john wesley said, the world is my parish, and these are real people in this world who are dealing with real life. and, too, these are things which the people i know - good christians or not good christians or not christians at all - all feel and experience in one way or another. in secret.
i emailed frank warren a few years ago and thanked him for the site, telling him that i'm a pastor of a funked-out faith community in austin texas that has no idea what it's doing except encouraging people to be real with each other and with god. frank warren is not a christian - but i assured him that his website is a beautiful example of the sacrament of confession and pardon.
in 2007, i posted a video someone had made about postsecrets. the website just gets better and better.
here are a few samples:


Laurel said...

I found out about Post Secret a couple of years ago from one of my students. I love it and when I get really down, it helps me get over myself. Something either touches me very deeply, or gives me a truly refreshing down to earth perspective where either I find solidarity or compassion.

Nadine said...

literally breathtaking. reading post secrets, i often feel like i've had the wind knocked out of me. and then i'm astonished at how deeply satisfying it is to read them. i feel like i'm peeking into god's private inbox. or getting a glimpse into hidden places of my heart that are hidden even from me.

journeyingrick said...

i know, right? UNBELIEVABLE. gorgeous. the things people are willing to own about themselves and share ... it's sacred.