Monday, August 31, 2009

fun with quentin, hitler, and the bear jew

is he a goober? yeah. big nerd. big-chinned big nerd.
is he a cut-and-paste borrower/mash-up d.j. of films and genres and language? yes.
can his films contain elements that are cute and self-referencing? yes.
does he just plain like violence and blood? yeah, the man does. sometimes i get grossed out.

but quentin tarantino can tell a story. and enjoy it. and bring audiences into it. and inglourious basterds is a really, really well-told story. and it's, i dunno, quieter than some other tarantino films. which i think is good, a mature sign; the movie isn't in any hurry - because as it goes along, there is a cliff ahead, and so why rush? the whole thing is headed over the edge anyway; but i felt like i was in good trustworthy hands as i was tumbling. which is all i ask for in a movie.

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